Community Center Park

The park at the Gambier Community Center offers several areas for actives. Our park features a playground, ball-fields, a soccer field, picnic area and a picnic shelter. The Gambier Dog Park is also part of the Community Center Park.

During youth baseball season our park is a very busy place. Numerous teams use the ball-fields and concession stand while the playground keeps the younger children busy. The picnic shelter is for use by the public however, we do have a reservation form that can reserve the shelter for your planned event. The shelter has electric service along with tables, a grill and restrooms are located in the concession stand. You are able to reserve the ball-fields also.

Recently a trail system was built thru the park connecting Meadow Lane, at the front of the Gambier Community Center to the Kokosing Gap Trail. Future plans will create a parking area near the ball-fields.

South Park

The property that is now South Park was purchased by the Village in 2000. The park is home to a sculpture “Understorms” that was created by Village resident Barry Gunderson. The sculpture was placed at the Franklin Park Conservatory for several years until new construction at the Conservatory required it to be moved.

The Franklin Park Conservatory Joint Recreational District gifted the sculpture to the Village of Gambier. With Kenyon College assisting with the installation of the sculpture at South Park, the Village maintains the sculpture for the community to enjoy.

Future plans for the park included placement of benches and a possible picnic area.

Dog Park

The Village Dog Park was completed on December 31, 2007. The park was created with a fundraiser, Waffles for Woofs, held at The Gambier House by Councilperson Betsy Heer. Various individuals and businesses also made donations which the Village matched. In addition to financial donations, the Dog Park also received donations of benches and tennis balls. Recently, another donation drive raised monies matched by the Village for a water line to the park.

The Dog Park is a great place to bond with your pet and enjoy their romps with the many friends they will meet.

Be sure to scroll down to see more pictures of the dog park and the pets at play.

The Dog Park is open from Dawn to Dusk.

Dog Park Rules:

Handlers are responsible for any injuries caused by any dog they bring to the park. Users of this park do so at their own risk. The Village of Gambier shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog in the Dog Park.

Handlers must immediately pick up and properly dispose of their dog waste.

No other pets are permitted in the Dog Park.

Handlers must have proper license and vaccination tags for their dogs while in the park.

Remove all spiked chokers and spiked collars while in the gate area.

Do not bring dogs that are aggressive , sick or in heat. Dogs must be at least four (4) months old.

Handlers must keep dogs on a leash in parking lots and all areas outside the Dog Park boundary.

Handlers must leash and remove their dog(s) at the first sign of aggressive behavior.

Handlers must remain in the park with a leash at all times. Handlers must have their dog(s) under direct control at all times.

Handlers may use only bite-sized treats in the Dog Park.

Handlers must be 13 years old. Children under 13 are not permitted unless accompanied by an adult.

Please be respectful of all users of the off leash dog area.

All Park and Village of Gambier Codes are enforced.

Donations Made In Honor Of:
Mary Hettlinger’s Birthday
Betsy Heer

Donations Made In Memory Of:
Hannah More
Ember, Lilly and Gracie
Reinert Memorial
Annie Keeney
Barbara Heer