Council Meetings Information

Council Meeting Information


October 2, 2017


Regular Monthly Council Meeting

7:00 P.M.

Council Meeting Information



October 2, 2017

Regular Monthly Council Meeting

7:00 P.M.

Open Meeting – Call Meeting to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call of Council by Fiscal Officer

Approval of September 11th Council Meeting Minutes

Approval of September Bills Paid

Open to Audience

Mayor’s Report

Administrator’s Report

Fiscal’s Officer’s Report

Solicitor’s Report

Council Committee Reports

Council Business:

1. Ordinance 2017-___, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2013-11 Establishing Rates, Charges and Rules For The Use And Service Of The Municipal Water System Of The Village of Gambier, 3rd Reading.

2. Ordinance 2017-___, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2012-07, Regulating The Use Fees For Connection And Rates To Be Charged By The Village Of Gambier, Ohio, For Sewer Use Service To Provide Funds For Operation, Maintenance, Management, Improvement And Repair Of The Sewer System And Treatment Facilities And For The Rules, Regulations And Policy For Billing And Payment Of Wastewater Charges, 3rd Reading.

3. Ordinance 2017-___, An Ordinance To Establish Children At Play Zones Within The Corporation Limit Of The Village of Gambier, 1st Reading.

4. Ordinance 2017-___, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2003-05 To Change The Intersection Of West Brooklyn Street And Ward Street To A Four Way Stop, 1st Reading.

5. Ordinance 2017-___, An Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2003-05 To Change The Intersection Of East Woodside Drive and Allen Drive To A Three Way Stop, 1st Reading.

6. Ordinance 2017-___, An Ordinance To Permit and Regulate The Operation Of Food Trucks Within The Village, 1st Reading.

7. Resolution 2017-___, A Resolution Of Notice Of Intent To Award And Execute Contracts To Authorize The Village Administrator To Enter Into Agreement With Workman Industrial Services, Inc. For Replacement Of The Influent Bar Screen At The Gambier Wastewater Treatment Plant.

8. Approval of Expenditure To Global Industrial For A Solar Radar Feed Back Speed Sign, $4,305.

October Meetings:

Buildings & Grounds Committee – No Meeting This Month.

Cemetery Committee –

Planning Commission – Tuesday, October 17th, 7:30 P.M., Regular Monthly Meeting.

Library Board Committee –

Finance & Income Tax Committee –

Police & Personnel –

Streets & Utilities – Monday, October 30th, 6:00 P.M., Regular Monthly Meeting.

Records Commission – Thursday, October 5, 5:00 P.M., Regular Yearly Meeting.


Mayor’s Report

KnoxWays Signs for Gambier

As we have discussed for many months, the Buildings and Grounds Committee would still like to use the Knox County Wayfinding sign design for the new signs the Committee plans for Gambier. We have finally received the information regarding proposed designs and how to obtain this type of sign if the Buildings and Grounds Committee decides to use them. Committee Chair Donna Scott and the Committee can finally discuss this project at their next meeting.

Ongoing Work With College Township Fire Department

Chair Liz Forman and the Police and Personnel Committee met again this month to discuss how to work with the CTFD since we think they will eventually ask Village Council for a substantial contribution to their operations (currently they plan to request $50,000). Chair Liz Forman will report to Council that the Committee plans to wait for a formal request from the CTFD. Chair Liz Forman will also send another letter (following the letter prepared by the Village Administrator and I earlier this year) reminding CTFD that Council will eventually need more information to respond to such a request. College Township Trustees are on the same budget schedule that we are for 2018.

Continuing Water Plant Discussion

I spoke to Mayor Beck in Centerburg this week about the issues their Village faces providing drinking water to their residents. They own a water plant that was built in 1916 and cannot push enough water through to meet demand. Mayor Beck and their Council had a feasibility study done comparing the cost of a new plant with the cost of contracting with Del-Co to provide their water. Del-Co is a water utility in Delaware County that says they are “the largest rural water system in the State of Ohio”. The Centerburg study concluded that purchasing water from Del-Co was cheaper, although either way, customers will see increases in their water bills. Centerburg residents also voted on an nonbinding ballot initiative in the fall of 2016 asking if they support a Del-Co takeover of the water system. The majority of Village voters said yes. Prior to the vote residents met at public meetings with Village officials and representatives of Del-Co and Bird and Bull, their engineering firm, who provided information about the costs of a possible new facility and of going with Del-Co. The final decision is that Centerburg will
enter into a contract with Del-Co but Mayor Beck reported that there are still a lot of details to finalize.

Kenyon Professor Jim Skon and his “Software System and Design” students

Kenyon Computer Science Professor Jim Skon approached the Village staff and I this month about possibly working with a small team of students (2-3) from his “System Software and Design” class to develop a system solution to a problem or project that the Village might have. Professor Skon has been running classes like this for a long time. Locally he and his students have worked with Interchurch Social Services, the Winter Sanctuary, the Knox County Health Department and other organizations to design and implement a variety of system improvement projects. Professor Skon has also supervised students doing this kind of work for organizations all over the world.

Clerk-Treasurer Kathi Schonauer suggested that these students could help us implement “paperless” Village Council meetings. Clerk-Treasurer Schonauer learned about this in a training session she attended last summer. We have been interested in implementing paperless meetings since that time but our office staff has not had the time to work this out on top of their usual work. Village Administrator Suzanne Hopkins and I agree that this could be useful to the Village. The work would be done during the second semester of the 2017-18 academic year. Professor Skon thinks that this could be a good project for his students. We look forward to hearing about the next steps in the process.


ODOT Reguest re Intersection Rtes 229 and 308 and Lay_mon Road: I sent an email to the engineer we are working with at ODOT because they have not quite completed the work they committed to do for the Village and College Township. We are missing one sign on Laymon Rd and beacons for the intersection signs.

Student Interactions: I received quite a few inquires from Kenyon students this month regarding Village operations. One group asked about possible sidewalks on the north side of campus, especially on Kokosing to connect the various fraternity houses along the street. I reminded them about the sidewalks that already exist to at least take them safely up to Kokosing through campus. I also talked to them about the Village budget, the cost of sidewalks, how long it can take, and construction issues in a location like the one they asked about. I was also interviewed twice by the Collegian, once about the situation with student Eva Warren’s ballot petitions and the Knox County Board of Elections, and the second time about an incident that occurred this summer between three students in the Kenyon Young Writers program and the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Women in Local Politics Panel Discussion: Students also asked me to participate in a “Women in Local Politics” panel discussion at 4:15pm on October 12 in the Peirce Pub. The program is sponsored by the Kenyon Democrats but is not a partisan presentation.

Kenyon President Sean Decatur’s quarterly “Knox County Leaders” event: I attended this regular event on September 26.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 10am-noon.

Village Administrator’s Report


Kenyon College would like to have the annual 5K run on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 10 AM to 11:30 AM on village streets. The course is the same as last year. The Streets and Utilities Committee will recommend to council to approve the 5K.


We will be starting to pick up leaves around the village in the next few weeks. We ask residents to remember not to rake leaves out into the streets, please do not bag up your leaves and please do not put yard debris in with the leaves. The Village crew will be make at least three passes before Final pick up. A final pick up list will be posted at the Gambier Post Office, Gambier Community Center and on the village website in early November.


The Village of Gambier will be continuing the cleaning and videoing of areas in the Gambier Sewer System in the next few weeks. Once this is finished we will be repairing as many areas as possible with the funds we have approved.


In your packets I have provided the Bar Screen tabulation sheets and a letter of recommendation from CT Consultants regarding the Public Bid Opening. The Village received 5 bids and ranging from $178,506.00 to $195,600.00.


We have the new software for water/sewer billing installed on to the Utility Clerks computer and we are starting to work through it with training from Accounting Solutions. November will be our first billing cycle with the new software. November will be the last quarterly bill residents receive. Starting in December residents will receive their first monthly bill. Monthly bills will go out in the middle of the month and be due the 5th of the following month. We encourage residents to sign up for electronic payment. If you are interested in paying your water/sewer bill electronically please contact the village offices.


We will also be doing our annual leak detection in the next few months. We will be leak detecting the entire village.


Council Meeting Minutes
September 11th

Council present: Liz Forman; Betsy Heer; Juan Pastor; Donna Scott; Tom Stamp
Also attending: Kachen Kimmell, Mayor; Kathi Schonauer, Fiscal Officer; Clint Bailey, Solicitor; Jim Dunham, Resident; Ree Metcalf, Resident; Leeman Kessler, Resident; Eva Warren, Resident.

Mayor Kachen Kimmell called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the August 7th Council Meeting were presented to Council. It was moved, seconded and carried they be approved.

The paid August bills were presented to Council. It was moved, seconded and carried they be approved.


Jim Dunham expressed his apprication for the sharrow stencils that have been placed at various locations on the Village streets. Leeman Kessler questioned the change in the speed limit sign on 308 towards 229 going back to 35 miles an hour. It was explained it is a state route and therefore, not allowed to be lowered to 25 miles an hour.

Ree Metcalf questioned Council on the status of the “this is your speed” sign and the decibel meter to record a muffler she feels is too loud. She also reported to Council that a resident has several cars parked in front of their home and sometimes in the street.

Mayor’s Report:

Mayor Kimmell explained to Council the situation that resulted in the Board of Elections decertifying Eva Warren’s petition for election to the Village Council.

Should Gambier consider building its own drinking water plant – Mayor Kimmell updated Council on Professor Melick’s analysis of building a Village water plant. She will also be in touch with Mayor Beck of Centerburg to discuss the status of their proposed switch with DelCo instead of using their existing water plant. Ongoing Work With College Township Fire Department – a second set of monthly reports of operation have been sent from Chief Smith. Mark Kohlman has provided a summary of recent expenses that he discussed with College Township Clerk Marty Rambo. Mayor Kimmell is still waiting for a job description of Chief Smith’s position.


ODOT Study of Route 229, 308 and Laymon Road Intersection – the work agreed to has not yet been completed. She will contact them and report back to Council.

Law Director follow up – Solicitor Clint Bailey will report to Council in Executive Session.

KnoxWays/ Knox County Wayfinding Signs – information from the Wayfinding committee on the cost of signage is still not available.

Tabletop emergency training exercise – Mayor Kimmell will attend a training exercise at Kenyon College on September 8th. The exercise is practice for appropriate responses to a simulated disaster.

Office Hours – Wednesdays 10am-noon.

VA Report:

Main electrical breaker at the Gambier Community Center/Village Offices – the main breaker has been replaced for safety reasons after having trouble with the electrical service in the Community Center.

Wastewater Bar Screen Replacement – the advertisement for bids has been placed. The bid opening will be on Tuesday, September 19th, at 10:00 a.m. CT Consultants will provide the Streets and Utilities Committee with a bid tabulation sheet.

Water leaks – there were two in August. The Village repaired a leak at 501 Wiggin Street while the owner of Meadow Lane Apartments repaired the second one.

Fiscal Officer Report:

The Fiscal Officer reported to Council that the checking account transfer to First-Knox has begun and the new payroll software has been installed.

Council was updated on the changes that will occur with the Net Profit Returns being processed by the Ohio State Department of Taxation. The Fiscal Officer also reported on S.B.176, a bill to prevent local taxation of non-residents.

Committee Reports:

Council Liz Forman reported the Police and Personnel Committee met to work on a draft of a letter of requests they will send to the College Township Fire Department and to discuss changes to the Village Website.

Council Betsy Heer reported the Streets and Utility Committee met to discuss the speed limit coming into the Village on State Route 308, traffic concerns of residents and flooding issues within the Village.

Council Betsy Heer reported they discussed the title and easement of Center Run and the Food Truck Ordinance that will be worked on at their September Committee Meeting,

Mayor Kachen Kimmell reported for the Planning and Zoning Commission that they held a Public Hearing for the temporary parking lot behind Gund Commons and that 4 of the blue lights Kenyon College Security uses will now be solar powered.

Council Actions:

Council Tom Stamp moved to hear by title only the 2nd Reading of an Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2013-11, Establishing Rates, Charges And Rules For The Use Of The Municipal Water System Of The Village Of Gambier. Council Betsy Heer seconded, all approved.

Council Tom Stamp moved to hear by title only the 2nd Reading of an Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2012-07, Regulating The Use, Fees For Connection And Rates To Be Charged By The Village Of Gambier, Ohio, For Sewer Use Service To Provide Funds For Operation, Maintenance, Management, Improvement And Repair Of The Sewer System And Treatment Facilities And For The Rules, Regulations And Policy For Billing And Payment Of Wastewater Charges. Council Liz Forman seconded, all approved.

Council Betsy Heer moved to approve an expenditure of $3,000 to ClearFork Electric for new main breaker in the Community Center. Council Donna Scott seconded, all approved.

Council Betsy Heer moved to approve transfers. Council Liz Forman seconded, all approved.

Council Liz Forman moved to enter into executive session to discuss contract matters, with Solicitor Clint Bailey and Fiscal Officer Kathi Schonauer also included. Council Donna Scott seconded. Votes of Council, Council Liz Forman – yes, Council Betsy Heer – yes, Council Juan Pastor – yes, Council Donna Scott – yes, Council Tom Stamp – yes. Council left executive session at 8:04 P.M. No action was taken.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 P.M. The October Council Meeting will be held on Monday, October 2, 2017.