Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully this Q & A section answeres many common questions. If not please feel free to contact our office for further clarification.

When do I need a zoning permit? A zoning permit is required whenever your project involves placing, constructing, expanding, altering, or demolishing a physical structure on your property or changing the use of your property. The permit confirms that the work you are proposing is allowed by the Zoning Ordinance. Some common projects requiring a zoning permit include:

* New or altered buildings including new homes, room additions, garages, and accessory buildings (including storage sheds).
* Fences – not including natural hedges, bushes or trees.
* Driveways – whenever the location of a curb cut, or footprint of a driveway changes.
< * New window or door openings. Replacement windows or doors that alter the size or shape of existing structures. * Porches, decks, swimming pools. * Signs and exterior lighting. [/expand] [expand title="What construction is permissible without a zoning permit?"] A zoning permit is generally not required for routine maintenance or repairs that do not alter the size, shape, or materials of existing structures. A replacement roof, or re-surfacing a driveway without changing the footprint will usually not require a zoning permit. The Zoning Ordinance uses the term "like for like" to describe permissible maintenance and repairs. Repairs that alter size, shape, or materials may not qualify for the "like for like" exemption because such changes could violate provisions of the zoning code. The Zoning Inspector (Village Administrator) is empowered to advise whether a proposed repair will require a zoning permit.[/expand] [expand title="Where can I find a copy of the Gambier Zoning Code?"] The full text is available at the Village Web site:, and written copies are available in the Community Center and Public Library.[/expand] [expand title="Where do I apply for my zoning permit?"] Permit applications are available at Village Administration offices in the Community Center.[/expand] [expand title="How can I be sure that my application will meet Village zoning requirement?"] Ask for a zoning check list when you obtain your zoning application form. The check list provides an index of applicable zoning provisions for various subjects. The Zoning Inspector or Village Administrator will assist applicants in determining and understanding zoning requirements.[/expand] [expand title="When will a zoning permit expire?"] The original zoning certificate will lapse and become void after one year unless the applicant requests an extension in advance of the lapse date.[/expand]