Stormwater is any water that reaches the ground in the form of precipitation such as rain or snow. Once it reaches the ground its path is determined by the surface it initially hits. If it lands on a grassed or other vegetative area it can either soak into the ground (percolation), or it can run along the ground surface until it reaches some hard surface or drainage structure that then defines where it goes. If it initially hits a hard (impermeable) surface such as rooftop, roadway, driveway, parking lot, etc., it flows along that surface feature until it discharges into a drainage system (This is considered runoff). Water that becomes runoff eventually reaches drainage systems that are maintained by governmental entities. Those entities are responsible for controlling the quantity and quality of the water that leaves their jurisdiction.

Stormwater Utility:

A Stormwater Utility is a utility similar to water and sewer utilities where users are assessed a fee based on their contribution of stormwater to the publicly maintained system. Money generated by the fees of stormwater utilities are known as ‘enterprise funds’, which by law can only be spent on stormwater related issues. This approach ensures an ongoing source of funding to address stormwater needs in the community. The Stormwater Utility for Gambier will be based on the ‘fair share’ principle recognizing that all developed property in the community generates some storrnwater runoff, and all property owners will benefit from the village stormwater management system. Funds collected by the Gambier Stormwater Utility will be used for system maintenance, system upgrades, some administrative issues, system expansion, and all other stormwater related issues that may arise. In addition, the funds collected will assist the village in preparing for the anticipated requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) that will be enforced in the near future. These funding sources have been deemed the fairest and most legally defensible to generate funds from ‘user fees’ by municipalities.

Fee Stucture:

The stormwater utility rate is based on the square feet of impermeable surface of each residence and business in the Village. (The number of square feet for each residence has been computer-calculated from an aerial photo of the Village.)

The monthly rate is $4.00 per month ($12.00 per quarter) for single family residences between 1,500-4,500 sq. feet of impervious surface.

The rate for residences of less than 1,500 sq. feet of impermeable surface is $2.00 per month ($6.00 per quarter).

For those of more than 4,500 sq. feet $6.00 per month ($18.00 per quarter).

The rate for non-residential properties is $4.00 ($12.00 per quarter) for each 3,000 sq. feet of impermeable surface.

For non-residential properties, credits up to 25% are available for drywells and detention/retention facilities.

On your bill you will see various codes followed by charges. The codes with their explanation are listed so that you can see where your stormwater fee will appear each quarter on your bill.

W – Water
SE – Sewer
GA – Garbage
ST – Stormwater
PB – Previous Balance